Services For Property Owners And Sellers

I do much more than list homes for sale. I offer a variety of services for property owners and sellers, from understanding the value of their property, consultations on current market conditions, suggesting ways of maximizing their property’s value, and connecting owners and sellers to vendors and trade professionals. Having a knowledgable real estate professional in your corner is key to making good decisions. Whether that involves a kitchen renovation or getting your property sold quickly for the most money possible, I am your trusted and knowledgable real estate consultant.


Understanding The Buyer

If you need to sell your property, the simple fact is you need to attract buyers who will want to buy it. After all, listing your property means nothing if it doesn’t actually sell. And selling your property means understanding what buyers want, what buyers are willing to pay, and how to attract the most buyers possible. I will sit with you and consult with you in detail about the state of the market and what buyers actually want, drawing on my extensive experience with buyers of all types, so that you can get the most amount of money for your property in the shortest time possible.


Increasing Your Property’s Appeal

FACT: 92% of today’s buyers are searching for homes online and spend, on average, 7 seconds on a listing. You have 7 seconds to get a buyer’s attention.

If you haven’t maximized your property’s appeal, then you’re out of the game, plain and simple. I can sit with you and consult on ways you can maximize your property’s appeal, from minor touch-ups like paint, decluttering or rearranging furniture, to renovations, photography, or staging. I can connect you to architects, designers, contractors, stagers, photographers, and any other professional you might need to make your property look its best and, therefore, get the most money on your investment.


Seller’s Timeline

Understanding your timeline is a key factor in pricing and positioning your property for sale. Sellers who price their home and list it without consideration to their timeline often run into unpleasant surprises that can cost them a lot of money. Just as important is understanding the way the buyer’s circumstances will impact your timeline. In the Manhattan market, List-to-Close averages about 5 to 6 months. That can be substantially accelerated or extended depending on the choices you make. My job is to help you make the decisions that will achieve your desired outcome. Whether you’re “testing the market” to see how much you can get for your property, or need to close within 60 days for an upcoming relocation, I will use that information in conjunction with my knowledge of the market conditions to consult with you on the most effective strategy to accomplish your goals in the amount of time you want.


Get A Home Evaluation

Complete the information below and be sure to include your full home address to receive a free home evaluation. Include any details about your situation you feel are important. You’ll receive a call within 24 hours so we can discuss your situation and I can get additional details about your property, and I’ll perform a free evaluation for you, either online or in-person.



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