What Sets Me Apart


With over 27,000 real estate agents and brokers working in Manhattan, it can be challenging to set oneself apart and stand out from the crowd. I believe what sets me apart is my consultative approach to communication with my clients, the knowledge I bring to those interactions, and the tools I use to bring cohesive, consistent service.


Honesty and transparency is the foundation of everything I do. With many agents, you might get the feeling you’re being “sold” on something, but when you work with me I’m going to provide you all the information you need, and let you make the decision you’re most comfortable with. Sometimes that might even mean having difficult conversations or telling clients things they may might not like to hear, but I firmly believe that type of honesty is the only way to do business.


I pride myself on my knowledge of all aspects of real estate and the market, and I study the market on a local, regional and national level on a daily basis. That kind of in-depth knowledge allows me to provide expertise and service to my clients that most other agents just don’t offer. When you work with me you can be confident you’re getting not only the best information available, but all the information you need to make an informed decision. Through my technology tools you’ll see all the same information I see, in real time, and we’ll be able to communicate about it instantly so I can help you make sense of it all.


I have put in the time and effort to implement technology, processes and systems that allow me to provide efficient and streamlined service to my clients, and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. I use the latest technology to keep myself ahead of the pack and offer the best possible service to my clients, and I’m always seeking out new and innovative ways to make sure my clients are taken care of. Ask me more about my use of technology and how it helps you.